Buy Low Price TV Lift Cabinet Tao TV Stand (AT005212)

Buy low price TV Lift Cabinet Tao TV Stand (AT005212). This awesome Modern TV Stands will suit your tv. Buy your new TV Lift Cabinet Tao TV Stand (AT005212) and increase your entertainment experience today.

Image of TV Lift Cabinet Tao TV Stand (AT005212)

TV Lift Cabinet Tao TV Stand (AT005212)

TV Lift Cabinet Tao TV Stand is a tv stand product from TV Lift Cabinet. This TV Lift Cabinet Tao TV Stand will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time.With Asian-style furniture, you’ll find clean lines that go a long way to achieve a modern, sensuous look. Items are relatively simple, but show a bit of flash with lacquered surfaces. The antique brass hardware plays off the wood finish beautifully. The hinges are actually in front of the piece, and the main doors are kept closed by a swinging latch.The Tao LCD / flat screen / plasma lift was pragmatically designed, with plenty of space behind the doors for your electronics and a great deal of extra room provided by the three drawers on the top: Adjustable ventilated shelves-made of wood and scratch resistant finish – ensure proper air circulation. An integrated heavy duty TV lift mechanism silently lowers the television into the console.Our AV storage areas each contain a built-in Infrared Relay System which amplifies and distributes remote control commands to your AV equipment without the need to open the console door. The ImportAdvantage IR relay system is ideal for controlling remote components when you want to keep your equipment out of sight.ImportAdvantage infrared relay systems consist of a preinstalled flush mount sensor and high output infrared flashers. The IR relay system receives commands transmitted from existing remotes and repeats that signal inside the cabinet through our high output flashers. This system is preinstalled and requires absolutely no programming or installation. Plug n’ play!Doors cover shelves with space for AV equipment and a center speaker. Click here for more details

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